How-to: Replace The iPod Touch WiFi Ribbon Cable With 3M 9703

If you want to replace the WiFi Ribbon Cable inside your 2nd or 3rd generation iPod Touch then you will quickly learn that the cable is connected to the Logic Board with some sort of adhesive. This isn’t any glue though, it’s special conductive tape. The reason it’s special is that it only transfers the electrical signal down the Z-axis. It’s the only solution to replace the cable in your iPod Touch.

Buying this tape (3M 9703) is very expensive, and you in no way need a whole roll of it. I searched on eBay and have found one seller in the UK selling 20cm strips. That seller just so happens to be me! GO GET YOU SOME TAPE

Once you’re sorted for tape there are numerous videos on YouTube describing the fix, but I found this one probably the most in depth. While it doesn’t have any instructions on opening the case, it does explicitly describe the taping process.

The intricacy of this fix mustn’t be under estimated, you must take your time and prepare the surfaces thoroughly before applying the new tape.



  1. LETAP

    Great vid, but do you know where I can possibly but another wifi card? My old one on my iPod Touch 3gen 8GB kind of broke down.

  2. Tom

    Think you can get them on eBay.

  3. Brandon

    Hi will this work for the iPod touch 4th gen? 8GB MODEL. And how long can a iPod touch wifi ribbon last if it is being used everyday?

    • Tom

      I’m not sure. Does the 4th gen use tape to hold the cable down? If so then this will work fine. Sorry for the late reply!

  4. kevin

    Thank you for posting this, I am just about to attempt this repair myself.
    I understand about the adhesive on the main motherboard ( looks tricky )
    but do you know what happens at the other end?
    How does the screen socket part fit onto wi-fi board?
    Looks like it folds back on itself …. sorry to trouble you but I cant find the answer anywhere.

    Many thanks for your help


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